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Thread: OSCam_1.20 svn6024 IPK for Gigablue HD800 Solo

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    OSCam_1.20 svn6024 IPK for Gigablue HD800 Solo

    in the notes for the current oscam_1.20_svn6024 mipsel.ipk-HD800 Gigablue solo

    copy via FTP to / tmp, install via red-panel -> Addon Manager -> manual install package ...
    activated via red-panel (no restart required)
    config included ...

    to reach over <ip_der_box> webif: 8888
    Login: onestep
    pass: oscam

    (S02 should, SRG, ORF, etc. are automatically detected by the read oscam / sonsterwegen configure accordingly in the reader-section) dvbapi prepared, just in the local reader enable webif

    additional config course at will ...


    greeting mad

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