Simplicity, quality, connectivity to drive Spanish pay-TV

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 21-11-2011

New services such as OTT and 3D need to quickly establish quality thresholds in order to capture market share in Spain, a group of the country’s leading TV operators and platform providers has urged.
Speaking at the second Spanish 'Rapid TV News' annual conference held last week in Madrid, panellists debated over what may be the future prospects for pay-TV in a country challenged by its economic circumstance and with a strong established free to air TV industry.
Leading the experts’ views was SES Astra Ibérica's José Luis Gárate who noted that HDTV was having a "great success" on the different distribution platforms either in the pay-TV or in the free-to-air markets and that soon “viewers will soon demand HDTV quality on pay-TV and in-the-clear TV." He forecast that by 2015, 90% of the Spanish homes will be HDTV ready.
As for the future of 3DTV, José Luis Gárate commented that quality, compelling content that customers were willing to pay for would be the key. "3DTV [does not have] traditional content and the viewers will not watch 3DTV contents every day in a normal way. So in order for it to get a massive audience it makes it necessary for it to get a higher quality and a good produced content". As for the sales figures the executive highlighted that some 120,000 3DTV sets have been sold up to last June. "3DTV is not a futile fashion. It has come to stay" he asserted.
For his part, José Luis Cabañero, NDS Spain's director, stated that the world of connected entertainment must be simple because the connected TV user experience before the must be based on visual impact and ease of use. "These are the keys for the success of streaming and pay-TV services".
In his speech the executive showed a clear correlation between clients’ ease of use and system simplicity. "We have passed from a traditional user's experience based on a control and an only interface to a complete user's experience in which all of the contact points, all of the content showing points live the same brand, the same environment and share the same graphics" he explained.
Nagravision Ibérica's general manager Ignacio Sanchís described the great opportunity for the pay-TV operators with the arrival of the OTT services, allowing them to manage in a direct, easy and efficient way access to each of the different devices. He said that some 340 million of such devices are already connected to the Internet worldwide. He concluded by mentioning the arrival of OTT in the cloud as a easier way to access them.