Polandís National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) would like to place new must-carry obligations on the countryís cable operators and DTH platforms. Quoting the councilís spokeswoman Katarzyna Twardowska, Rzeczpospolita says that they should all in future be required to include the public broadcasterís three main channels TVP1, TVP2 and the regional TVP3, as well as commercial stations TVN, Polsat, TV4 and TV Puls, in all their programme packages.
The proposal has been criticised by the leading cable association PIKE, whose president Jerzy Straszewski pointed out that subscribers who opt for premium packages would not expect them to include free, must carry services.
However, the KRRiT points out that its aim is for every subscriber, irrespective of the package/s they opt for, to be able to receive the seven must-carry services.