Swedish-based non-stop music service Spotify has launched its services in Belgium without a distribution partner. Philips has added the service to its Streamium products.

Negotiations with Telenet and Belgacom have not resulted in an agreement, forcing the service to go it alone. Just recently, Belgacom announced a deal with French-based Deezer, a similar music service.
The Belgian market is getting a bit crowded, as Simfy from France also entered the market and Telenet is apparently in talks with Belgian Tunify. The latter is originally a professional music service for the hospitality industry, which now wants to branch out to the consumer market.
The launch of Spotify in Belgium follows recent distribution deals with platforms in the Netherlands (with KPN) and the UK (Virgin Media).
In a related development, Philips has also upgraded its Streaming product line with Spotify. It concerns the Streamium Wireless Hi-Fi component systems MCi8080 and MCi900, which will automatically be updated.
Philips has also made available its Philips MyRemote app, both for Android and iPhone, which enables listeners to use their mobile as a remote control for their Streamium device.
Spotify on Philips is available in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.