Spain trials DVB-T2
From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spanish telco operator Abertis Telecom is trialling DTT tests using the European standard DVB-T2 in the city of Barcelona, north of Spain, for a six month period.

The pilot test aims to assess the benefits of the new standard for broadcasting of services for the fixed and mobile reception through a single multiplex, one signal to be distributed to different devices such as tablets, smartphones and portable computers. Likewise, the pilot will allow analysis of the evolution of the standard for mobile services, the so-called DVB-T2 Lite, suitable for the signal reception on high speed trains.

The trial forms part of the European Project called ENGINES (Enabling Next Generation for Broadcast Services), composed of 34 companies and entities from 7 European countries (Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, UK, Holland and Sweden). This Project is promoted by Celtic Plus, an organisation belonging to Eureka, the Paneuropean network created in 1985 to develop R + D projects.