EchoStar readies turn-key OTT for service providers

Michelle Clancy | 22-11-2011

EchoStar Technologies is targeting telcos and cable companies for a new over-the-top IPTV service that can be deployed along with a broadband tier of service.

Included will be linear TV, VOD, DVR and multiscreen capabilities, all delivered with adaptive bit rate technology to stream live and video-on-demand content. The solution involves content delivery networks to distribute programming to telcos and cable companies, minimising the burden on the core network.

At the heart of the solution, which will be available by mid-2012, is technology gleaned from the $45 million Move Networks acquisition last January. Move's solutions for cloud-based video delivery will enable EchoStar to deliver content to tablets, smartphones, PCs, connected TVs and game consoles.

By delivering content from the cloud, telcos and cablecos can supercharge the value of their premium broadband tiers by offering a bundle that includes the high-margin conectivity along with its own branded over-the-top (OTT) catalogue that will be managed and delivered with QoS and QoE.

It can also be combined with an existing linear TV service for a hybrid TV offering. Such a service is sticky, and gives operators a way to deliver more value to its customers while driving subscriber growth and APRU.