Libya TV documentary wins Rory Peck award

Rebecca Hawkes | 22-11-2011

A film shown by Al Jazeera English which captured the chaos of Libyans under fire from Gadaffi forces early in the revolution has been recognised in this year's Rory Peck awards.

Abdallah Omeish's 'Libya: Through the fire' tells the story of Mohammed Nabbous, whose efforts to broadcast the truth of the atrocities in his homeland eventually led to his tragic death, aged 28. Nabbous was shot dead by a pro-Gadaffi sniper in March 2011 while filming unfolding events in Benghazi for Libya Al Hurra TV, the independent satellite television station he founded.

The judges of the Rory Peck Awards in London described the film as "moving and powerful". One added that Mohammed Nabbous's actions "carried you through events which were on a very wide scale. Through his story you could empathise with them on a very human level."

On accepting the award, the Libyan born filmmaker Abdallah Omeish, said: "I want thank all those who died in Libya fighting for freedom, because if it was not for them I would not be standing here today accepting this award. I will be forever indebted to them.

"I would also like to thank Al Jazeera for giving me this amazing opportunity to shed light on stories that would otherwise have gone unreported. I am delighted that our efforts have been recognized at such a prestigious award ceremony".

'Libya: Through the fire' can be viewed on YouTube at: h**p://

Omeish is currently in post-production for his latest documentary 'The War Around Us' about the Gaza War and is developing his first feature film about the battles in Misurata, Libya.