Real Madrid TV to broadcast in-the-clear

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 23-11-2011

In order to enable its channel Real Madrid TV to continue transmitting, Spain’s main soccer club plans to open its signal on the national DTT.
To achieve this, the club has been having talks with some in-the-clear broadcasters to arrange a loan of their space in which to include the channel’s contents. Now, according to El Confidencial, it seems that the club may have reached an agreement with media group ABC’s Vocento to transmit the channel on the La 10’s space.
Real Madrid’s competitor, Barça, made the same decision some time ago when it brought its signal in-the-clear for Barcelona’s DTT and its surroundings.
Real Madrid TV is currently produced and managed by Royal Media, owned by the big producer Gol TV’s Mediapro, which also owns the club’s TV rights.
Over the last few months Real Madrid TV has reduced its budget to €7 million, a figure contrasting with the €22 million budget it had several years ago. This points to a company in crisis, with pay-TV not appearing to be profitable for its business model.