Sony issues ultimatum over LG's Australian TV study

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 23-11-2011

Sony has issued an ultimatum to LG over an Australian study backed by LG, which claimed its 3D TVs were superior to those of Samsung and Sony. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that LG Australia has already rejected Sony's demands that it halt planned advertising around the study but Sony won't yet say whether it will take legal action over the dispute.
LG is currently involved in a separate legal action with Samsung over LG advertising claiming its TVs were brighter than Samsung's.
LG's study, conducted in partnership with TNS Global, surveyed 4,000 Australian consumers and claimed that in a blind test, 82% preferred LG's Cinema 3D TV over Samsung's and Sony's.
Sony is said to be particularly concerned about a forthcoming advertising campaign, which will be based around the study. Its legal team has written to LG, pointing out "misleading representations" in its press release.
Sony is waiting for a response from LG, but has not yet said what action it would take if LG went ahead with the marketing activity.