Paraguay could have five rival DTH operators

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 23-11-2011

If there is one thing that Paraguay's National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) cannot be accused of, it is not fostering competition in the satellite television sector.
On top of the country's first two direct-to-home (DTH) services (Claro TV and TuVes, launched earlier this year), three other companies have now received the go-ahead from the Government to roll out their own satellite platforms: DirecTV, Chena Ventures and Campestre SA.
DirecTV has been in possession of a licence for some time, although the company is yet to reveal a commercial strategy.
Last week, Conatel granted two new licences for nationwide DTH service coverage to Chena (a company founded by young Paraguayan new media entrepreneur Christian Chena) and Campestre.
The technical bid presented by Chena specified that the company plans to make an initial investment of US$45,000 to roll out a service. But – like DirecTV – it hasn't yet informed when this would be.
What it did say was that, when the time comes to make an announcement, this will be made on, a news website owned and run by Chena. Indeed, the business of buying potentially lucrative high-level domain names (some of them worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars) and commercially exploiting them is one of the ways in which Chena has built its fortune.
Besides its brand new pay-TV satellite licence and the website, the company owns other Paraguayan media outlets, including the Channel 13 TV station and Cardinal FM and Cardinal AM radio stations.