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Thread: Urt Or Bin From Trinity

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    Urt Or Bin From Trinity

    Hi all: i would love to learn anything possible about programing, so i chose to ask u as experts about the programing language that is used to edit the software files of the recievers... so please if anyone can help even by the name of the language used to edit that software, or by sending the language software that could open the .urt or .bin or any other reciever files not encrypted in a way that is readable to me... or a decryption program that can help me to see what is edited in the program... please help and consider that a SOS call...
    u may send that as an email to : if u don't want to post it here...
    thanks... and by the way it is a big favor to ask from u Trinity

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    Re: Urt Or Bin From Trinity

    I dunno exactly what you mean but i have an editor here...hope it help
    eBin2URT 2[1].0.0 you can edit the bin file to .urt file.

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