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Thread: RTi Enigma 2 Core v1.4 Full Install

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    RTi Enigma 2 Core v1.4 Full Install

    RTi for Core v1.4, Enigma 2 Full Setup files, prepared, kulllanıyorum in 2 days.
    I like anything goes there alone, with no knowledge that the Teletext for a channel, for example, when we press any key as a movie channel, green for Teletext control key does not work and many need to restart the GUI. I tried to prepare a fix for now, but it did not recover soon, I hope.

    Meanwhile, the disks and the problem of turkish characters for subtitles in movies were playing flashlardan fixledim, troubled characters all working without any setting. Options or UTF8, or get the ISO 8859-9, all kinds of subtitles, or embedded in the film (the film special for MKV added) film with the same name, or get the file in the form, works well in all the Subtitle.

    New additions, opening the channel and bouquet Cloaking plugin plugin.
    For the first time in Turkish character correction interface uses RTi'nin HD_Glass and
    Piconlar full with other plugins.

    Other add-ons, plugins are the sine qua non;
    CCcam info
    Weather Plugin (add cities to the weather, go to Menu> Use the green buttons.)
    etc ...

    ipk file extension in the / tmp directory, then copy the ipkg install - force-overwrite / tmp / *. ipk install command.

    Important: During installation, please wait until the Setup Complete message.

    After installation, the various images;

    The files below.

    Use goodbye.

    NOTE: After installing this plugin will be installed first RTi 1.4.

    Also will try briefly to a new Enigma2 setup is as follows ...

    During setup, oh was wrong ... etc ... In saying, Do not cave elektiriğini device (turn off). If necessary, wait for 2 days an open condition, once you have the necessary knowledge of the solution, if you have a faulty operation to crack down on the device you can afford to continue operation.

    Lost connection to the modem off and ta, to recover the device becomes much more detailed.

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