LG TVs connect to the Museum

07.15 Europe/London, November 24, 2011 By Robert Briel

PureScreens has launched its Museum application on connected TV sets from LG Electronics.
With over 300 artworks from the start, PureScreens’ Museum application enables users to enjoy the greatest masterpieces on their HD TV set.
These artworks originate in Europe’s finest museums and galleries, with some 10,000 artworks available in the application.
The paintings are showcased within themed exhibitions constituted around an artist (Monet, Kandinsky, Renoir, etc.), a collection (Neue Pinakothek, Pinacoteca di Brera, Musée d’Orsay, etc.) or a subject (Female Nudes, Shocking !, Napoleon, etc.). Each piece is supported by an audio commentary in English or French.
Each exhibition lasts 20 minutes. Users can pause the stream and thus enjoy an HD picture of a masterpiece on their TV screen for up to 24 hours.
Museum will be a premium application pre-loaded in LG TV-sets in most European countries: The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Greece, the Czech Republic and Poland. It will also be available to download for free in LG’s App Store Lounge in all other territories, including South Korea, Japan and the United States.
The app will offer five exhibitions for free. For access to all exhibitions, users have tp purchase credits. Each credit (from €0.49 to €0.37 per credit depending on quantity purchased) will give unlimited access to an exhibition for 24 hours. Each month, four new exhibitions (40 artworks) will be added to the catalogue.