First Argentine gay-themed TV channel nears launch

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 24-11-2011

Called Friendly Mundo, the new channel will be rated as available to all audiences. Its owners are confident other Latin American TV markets will be interested in the product given its artistic quality and the reputation of Argentina as the most gay-friendly country in the region.
Cablevisión, the country's largest pay-TV company, is the only operator so far to have been confirmed as a carrier for Friendly Mundo, which will be available on channel 90 for digital subscribers (from 11 PM) and channel 78 for analogue viewers (from 12 midnight).
During the first three months, the channel will broadcast three daily hours of domestically produced programming. Among the 30-minute and 10-minute shows will be Friendly rewards (tourism), Lovers (lifestyle), Top taste (cuisine), Vaguardians (art), Night runner (going out), Look book (fashion) and Weekend call (arts, culture, entertainment and going out).
After the third month, the channel will double its programming output by incorporating TV series produced in Europe and the United States. The company producing the channel, Friendly Mundo S.A., expects to be able to gradually increase content output to reach a 24-hour programming schedule.
The channel will be available in high definition (HD). According to the company, following the introduction of the product during the last two editions of MIPcom, it has received several commercial proposals.
Guillermo Carpintero, marketing manager of Friendly Mundo, said: "Buenos Aires is synonym for culture and variety – a friendly city. Argentina is a friendly country. Latin America knows that, which is why this new channel will be received with great expectation in a range of markets."