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Thread: Viasat with Humax 5400

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    Wink Viasat with Humax 5400

    Dear Folks,
    does anyone of you know if its possible to get the Scandinavian television Sirus 5° with a NDS-CAM installed in my Humax, provided that a NDS-CAM for Viasat is available. At the present time I have a Nokia receiver with a original card from Viasat, but the receiver Nokia 220s is the biggest sh** which ever has been build and the menue of the 220s is also horrible. If you have any experience with CAM's which supports the NDS for Viasat please let me know. Furthermore I would like to know, does I only need to insert the CAM in my Humax and to put the card in the slot, and it works or do I have to do additional.
    Yesterday, a saw in the Italian Ebay many offers for CAM's which support NDS for affordable prices. Do you think, this can solve my problem?
    Thanx a lot in advance

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    Re: Viasat with Humax 5400

    Answer is in swedish forum

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