Netflix doing better in Mexico than anywhere else in Latin America

Juan Pablo Conti | 26-11-2011

Of the 43 Latin American countries where online video streaming provider Netflix launched a service earlier this year, none has proved as welcoming as Mexico.
That was the assessment of Jonathan Friedlan, the OTT company's director of global communications. Speaking to CNNExpansión, he also stressed that Netflix's Mexican customers were the region's most frequent users of the service.
"I think this is due to people gathering more as a family to get to know the platform. They learn better about the contents on offer, especially because there are more American movies and TV series, something that helps given the geographic proximity between the two countries", said the Netflix spokesman.
Friedlan also shed some light on a subject which the OTT player has mostly avoided since its Latin American arrival – that of the number of subscribers it has managed to sign up so far. He said that, during the first two weeks following its regional launch, 400,000 people had decided to sign up for the one-month free trial.
While according to Friedlan such number has since gone up, he refused to quantify by how much. Still, the figure that would actually be required for a more accurate assessment of the initial impact that the OTT player has had in the region would be that showing the amount of paying customers – those who have opted to remain as Netflix subscribers beyond the first month.
This number is key, and is yet to be released by Netflix.