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Thread: Spain agrees on HbbTV

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    Spain agrees on HbbTV

    Spain agrees on HbbTV

    I˝aki Ferreras ęRapidTVNews | 26-11-2011

    Spain's audiovisual industry has agreed on the implementation of the interactive online HbbTV standard, which has been approved by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.
    HbbTV is an European initiative that aims to rationalise the broadcast of entertainment content through the use of STB and connected TV sets. It has already been implemented in France and Germany.
    The standard will enable users to have access to online entertainment services such as catch-up TV, VOD, social networking, games, interactive advertising, recommendations, voting and live interactive TV.
    Consumer electronics manufacturers, broadcasters and service developers have selected HbbTV as the best option for the next launch of connected TV in Spain. Manufacturers hope the decision to implement HbbTV will see sales of TVs increase tenfold.

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    Re: Spain agrees on HbbTV

    Spain selects HbbTV

    08.57 Europe/London, November 27, 2011 By Julian Clover

    Spain has agreed to adopt HbbTV has its system of choice for connected TV. The ministry of industry, tourism and trade has approved a document put forward by the Association of Interactive Television (AEDETI) and signed by 54 national and international companies.

    AEDETI first began its exploration of HbbTV in 2009 under a mandate issued by the ministry of industry’s technical mforum on digital trade.
    This work was initiated in 2009 from a mandate from the Technical Forum Digital TV sponsored by the Ministry of Industry. Spain will follow HbbTV 1.1.1, published by the HbbTV consortium and approved by ETSI.
    According to GfK, around six million connected TV sets have already been sold in the Spanish market, a figure that is expected to have risen by at least 15% during the course of 2011.
    Mediaset Espa˝a and Telefonica are already running a pilot. Mediaset’s Telecinco is bringing in content from Telefˇnica’s services such as Movistar Imagenio, Movistar Videoclub and Terra TV.

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