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Thread: truman 150 ultra

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    truman 150 ultra

    how do u get the latest key file for truman 150 ultra. the key file on the reciever is a .bin file and is 64k

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    Re: truman 150 ultra

    if u know how tell me too

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    Re: truman 150 ultra

    Hi guys

    Here is the link to get the latest firm for all truman receiver.
    For truman 150 , use software 3.3.15.
    It includes latest Keys. To access to Key menu. Type 9339 using remote control.
    Then you can edit keys using remote control.

    If you want key editor to be able to edit key.bin.

    Let me know but actually you need not as all the keys can be updated with remote control.

    Have fun!

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    Unhappy Re: truman 150 ultra

    is there truman 150 or 160's flash which supporting auto aes tps ??
    & please tell which is the clone of TM 150 Ultra Thanx

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