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Thread: Cabel File 384 DZ?

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    Cabel File 384 DZ?

    i have a humax cabel Box (is for premiere). The file 384DZ is for cabel, but my box signs "is no correct card". I have a Mascom Modul (Alphacrypt) for my Loewe TV and ist the same error. My Premierecard is for D-Box 2.

    Whats wrong?

    Regards Sabrina

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    Re: Cabel File 384 DZ?

    You should only be able to decode PW unfortuantly for everything else (KDH, Ish, isey etc.. over Sat. or Cable), will not decode with the current update. You'll have to use last Months' Update which continues to decode those Ch's. But, will not decrypt PW do to the recent Keychange from the 03.07.06.

    It seems like those running the Show (Team Cerebro), and or there Dogs' are all on Vacation I guess they only did a quick'n dirty slop job of it. Hopefully someone will correct this.

    But, between the different (or in-team) farkup where by the Keys (RSA and 01), were made public. I fear that there will likely be no forthcoming help from any of the other Teams. Allthough in thereoy it should be a sinch for 'em to cover each others Arse.

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    Re: Cabel File 384 DZ?

    Thanks a lot for the information.

    Best regards


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