Canal+ takes third stake of Orange cinma sries

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly RapidTVNews | 28-11-2011

Negotiations between Canal + and Orange, aiming to open the stakes of the Orange cinma sries to French the pay-TV group, are now complete.

Canal+ group will take 33.3% of the five Orange premium movie channels that up to now were exclusively distributed among the telcos subscribers. The agreement also adds, Les Echos reports, a special strategy in case the European Commission imposes any sanctions if it regards Canal+ and Orange are co-controlling the channels, something avidly denied by both partners.
Counting 445,000 subscribers, the Orange cinma sries will be run in the main by Orange who owns 66.6 % of the channels.
This project will see Orange cinemax, Orange cinehappy, Orange cinenovo, Orange cinechoc and Orange cinegants distribution open to other operators so that the channels can break even.
From a Canal+ perspective, such a commercial alliance will allow strengthening the distribution of Canal+ and Canalsats services and products within Oranges 9 million strong subscribers network.