Sky Go enhances movie content

09.41 Europe/London, November 29, 2011 By Julian Clover

Sky Movies has added on demand content to tablets and mobiles running the Sky Go app. The service is available to subscribers at no extra charge.
Movies can be streamed on demand via a Wi-Fi connection with plans to introduce 3G capability before the end of the year. All 11 linear Sky Movies channels will also be made available, expanding the selection of channels available on Sky Go, which to now had largely concentrated on sports.
“Sky Movies on demand is a great addition to Sky Go and gives customers complete control over how, when and now where they enjoy the latest movies,” said Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies. “Alongside other recent additions to Sky Movies like Anytime+ and 3D, the launch of Sky Movies on Sky Go helps customers get even more value out of Sky.”
Since its launch in July 2011, Sky Go has attracted almost two million unique users, with over 30 million pieces of content viewed in the last month alone, across more than 2.5 million devices.
Against the background of the current Competition Commission report into pay-TV movies, Sky can no longer be accused of sitting on rights. In addition to Sky Go, available across mobile, tablets, and PC, content from Sky Movies was part of last month’s Sky Anytime deal with cablenet Virgin Media.