German Vodafone TV aims at 100,000

09.38 Europe/London, November 29, 2011 By Robert Briel

Germanyís IPTV platform Vodafone TV aims to reach 100,000 customers before the end of the year, said Dhananjay Mirchandani, CEO of Vodafone TV, to Handelsblatt.

Part of the strategy to reach that goal is the addition of more HD channels to the portfolio. By adding movie channel Tele 5, the womenís channel Sixx and the news and documentary channel N24 to the line-up, the total number of HD channels will be 18 from December 1.
The HD offer also consists of the major public and private broadcasters including RTL HD, Sat 1 HD, ProSieben HD and Vox HD.
The operator also plans to start offering HD television over its new LTE wireless broadband product, which is set for launch in the spring of 2012. At roll out, the potential reach of the LTE service will be around 7.5 million households.
Vodafone is currently testing its TV over LTE service in the Dusseldorf area.
Vodafone is only moderately successful with its IPTV product, which currently has 85,000 subscribers.