Tablets eat into TV consumption

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 30-11-2011

A major research programme by Orange has revealed the full extent of how tablets have become a fundamental part of today’s TV industry.

The stand out finding of the Orange Exposure 2011 report—an annual independent study by TNS into mobile media habits across UK, France, Spain and Poland—is that tablets are cannibalising TV and PC usage, being used instead of other screens to be more efficient.
In particular, in the UK for example, just over a third (35%) of tablet users are watching on demand content, two-fifths are watching streaming content and nearly the same percentage (39%) are watching TV on their tablet.
Tablet usage within the UK was found to mirror that of PC deployment with 95 per cent of employment at home. In fact the UK also saw a 15% decrease in PC usage. By contrast, in Spain mid-sized tablets such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab are being used as navigation devices outside the home.
This says the survey is a usage pattern that is closer to that of smartphones which the survey also revealed are used to ‘kill time’ and complement TV usage rather than compete head on as with tablets. Orange, TNS suggests that the different devices’ form factor is the key driver for the different consumption patterns and that advertisers must be aware of these nuances when planning their campaigns to understand precisely how to target their customers.
Said Bruce Hoang, Group Marketing Director, Orange Advertising Network: “Clearly the one size fits all approach for digital content across TV, PC, smartphone and tablet does not work and this has significant implications for content producers and advertisers.”
Added Sienne Veit, Social and Mobile Development Manager, Marks and Spencer: “Brands will miss out on mobile opportunities to connect with the consumer if they don’t adapt for mobile and tablets taking into account local nuances and influencing factors such as screen size for example. With this research, brands can cut through the complexity to understand precisely how to target their consumers.”