Samsung reveals TV apps pricing strategy

APPSWORLD – LONDON. Samsung has provided details of its pricing structure for TV apps on its platform.

Speaking in a Q&A session in a panel discussion entitled Overview of the TV apps market: one year on, Sidharth Jayant, content service manager, Samsung Europe, said that the company does not charge any fee as such to come onto its platform.
However, if one is a content producer generating profits, Samsung will ask for a “reasonable share of the operating profit, not the revenue stream”.
He added that this was not a fixed fee and negotiable.
Jayant also said that in the case of subscription services they are charged a small fee for carriage on Samsung devices.
Furthermore, when Samsung entered the content business is did not do so as an additional revenue stream.
Rather, it was to sell more devices.
Tom Cape, CEO of Capablue, meanwhile said that the cost of developing an app for Samsung can be anything between £10,000-60,000 (€11,665-69,991).