Multiscreen content platform revenues to pass $21BN by 2015

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 01-12-2011

Pay-TV service providers extending bouquets with TV Everywhere options as well as the increased uptake of over the top products such as Netflix is creating a boom in multiscreen content delivery platforms.

Indeed research from NPD In-Stat, Worldwide Multiscreen Content Delivery Platforms, predicts that revenues from such platforms will exceed $21 billion in 2015 as the world moves toward ubiquitous multiscreen connectivity, and new devices are making all content personal.
“Consumers now expect to have professional video available on an ever-expanding number of devices, and they want their ‘user experience’ to be under their control,” said Gerry Kaufhold, Research Director. “It's no longer simply a matter of delivering 1080p 3D video to their device, they want to share what they are viewing with their connected community, they want to upload their own additions to the content, and they want to be able to engage with their content on whatever device provides the best experience at any particular time.”
In-Stat expects that 273 million households will be using some kind of multiscreen service by 2015 with a CAGR for viewing hours of about 88% from 2010 through to 2015. The analyst says that direct-to-consumer services look set to be the early revenue leader for multiscreen content delivery platforms, but that such services should expect strong price competition in the next few years from pay-TV TV Everywhere services.
Western Europe in particular is projected to be a hot growth market for subscription-based multiscreen content delivery platforms. Yet In-Stat adds that Asia Pacific will likely have the most active multiscreen households by 2015.