Brightcove content app cloud bursts open for Android, iO

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 01-12-2011

As part of its transition into online video, cloud content services provider Brightcove has launched a content app platform for building and operating engaging native apps for Apple and Google smartphones and tablets.

The new Brightcove App Cloud is designed to streamline the development, deployment, and operation of native apps for the iOS and Android platforms.
The platform combines an open HTML5 Web development model with cloud services to accelerate app development, optimise performance, measure effectiveness, and enable dynamic updates to installed apps. The result, claims Brightcove, is that publishers will be able to more easily build, deliver and manage dynamic, custom content apps across multiple devices with a superior end user experience.
Explaining why Brightcove made the move, CMO Jeff Whatcott said: “We’ve been re-tooling our Video Cloud product to make sure that video can be a first class citizen on all the new platforms and devices, and we’ve been doing it both in HTML5 and native environments including connected TVs. Native apps are not a fad. They are just getting started... Apps and HTML5 are the future of the digital universe [and] HTML5 is fundamentally transforming how apps are created.”
The App Cloud enablesusers to modify content feeds, app appearance and styling, advertising options and other settings on live production apps without re-submitting the app to the app stores or requiring consumers to upgrade to a new version. It continuously trims, compresses, caches and synchronises content from feeds managed by App Cloud. All of this is said to reduce download times and improve app stability by automatically resizing, down-sampling, and caching images in the cloud.
Significantly from a business perspective, the App Cloud supports mobile advertising allowing customers to leverage built-in support for AdMob advertising or integrate ads from other ad servers through JavaScript components.Brightcove Video Cloud Integration is said to make it easy to enrich video apps with g support for pre-roll advertising and video-specific analytics.