Telefónica has 30,000 OTT subs in Argentina

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 01-12-2011

On Video, the over-the-top (OTT) service launched by Telefónica in Argentina seven months ago, has already attracted 30,000 customers.

The impressive figure was announced by Andrés Bargues, head of multimedia services with Telefónica Argentina during the NexTV Latin America Summit 2011 held in Buenos Aires, which ended yesterday.
It means the OTT service, the first of its kind in Argentina, has been signing up subscribers at an average rate of nearly 4,300 a month.
Assuming that each customer is paying the full price of the advertised monthly subscription fee (US$9.30), On Video is already generating monthly revenue of nearly US$280,000 (over US$3.3 million annually).
The service is available exclusively to Speedy users (Telefónica's broadband product), which means all 30,000 On Video subs were already customers of the Spanish telecoms group.
Bargues also revealed other insightful early-usage details about the new OTT service. He said, for example, that 84% of subscribers are residential users – with the remaining 16% presumably coming from the business community.
Meanwhile, 70% of customers are still using a CRT TV, with the remaining 30% hooking up their On Video set-top boxes to a flat screen.
Interestingly, eight in ten clients weren't subscribed to any pay-TV packages prior to signing up for the new OTT service.
As for the most popular type of content accessed by viewers, the four most watched titles so far have been the Lost TV series, El hombre de tu vida (a novela produced by Argentine broadcaster Telefe), animated film Cars and Disney's musical series Hannah Montana.
"This reinforces the idea that we're not selling to a strange market," pointed out Bargues. "What gets consumed the most is the same as what people usually watch."