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Thread: N2Edit v2.5 (Updated to v2.58 September 2006)

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    N2Edit v2.5 (Updated to v2.58 September 2006)

    Changes since V2.0 Beta 1
    v2.1 Alpha 1 (Private Release for testing)
    * added new read/write routines for faster more stable communitcations
    v2.1 Alpha 2 (Private Release for testing)
    * Fixed restoring datapointer before restoring bug table
    * Added SkipOTP to the settings
    v2.1 Aplha 3 (Private Release for testing)
    * Added ROm103 support
    * Fixed some error checking
    * Added ShowDumpinLog to settings
    * Added simple D2C window
    * Added Rom101 read support. (Still working on writting)
    * Fixed Unlock Card function
    * Prolly some other stuff i've forgotten
    v2.1 Alpha 4 (Private Release for testing)
    * Fixed some crashing problems when read timeout occurs (wrong comport, etc)
    * Added ROM102 read capability via Loader/Unlooper when flashed with NDRS.
    v2.2 Alpha 1 (Private Release for testing)
    * Moved all I/O and Card routines to seperate dlls'. The DLLs are embedded in the exe.
    * Super fast reading/writting. Works on Loader (NDRS flash) or ISO, directly on serial port or using a Serial/USB cable.
    This is the fastest Card loading software on the planet!!!
    * Fully supports all ROM102/ROM103. (No ROM101 support in this).
    * Drag/Drop. Drag a bin file onto the app and it opens that bin file automatically.
    * File->Settings dialog. Change commport w/o restarting app.
    Most users can leave the delays set to 0.
    Increase Byte Delay if you have trouble dumping
    Increase CmdDelay if you have trouble writting.
    Leave Show Dump in Log off unless you really need it. It slows it down.
    * The app will check for new ads to download once a week IF connected. If not
    connected, it should not ask you to connect.
    v2.2 Aplha 2 (Private Release for testing)
    * Disregard the last byte of last command... Written bytes are still verified. Fixed
    * Switch to Msgs after DragDrop open... Fixed
    * Error if not able to open comport in D2C... Fixed
    * Patch Image has error of calling oRom.RenderCardImage... Fixed
    * Error if Deleting DataType from DataTypes tab (CTRL-Delete)... Fixed
    * Added Temporary Login. Will be removed after Alpha Testing is done.
    V2.3 (Public Released)
    * Fixed problem where patch with lowercase hex digits failed.
    * Programs Menu. Drag any shortcut to the N2Edit folder and it will show up
    under a new Programs Menu.
    * Fixed a problem where the byte delay was not applied to the pre-read before writing.

    D2C usage
    sepearate multiple commands with a semi-colen ";"
    follow each command with a comma "," and the # of bytes you want to read back.
    special command to reset card is "reset"
    Example to reset, send int bootloader, and 2 write commands:
    21 00 6D A0 CA 00 00 67 04 65 01 01 86 00 AA
    BCA8000000000000000000000000000002 **,8;
    2100 0A A0EE CB00 05 5544332211 **,5
    2100 0A A0EE CB10 05 9988776655 **,5

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    Re: N2Edit v2.5

    Credits to N2Edit-The software author (forgot in last post)

    New version:

    * Added toolbar buttons for Settings, Clean Codespace, Apply Patch, and About.
    * Added Drag & Drop for patches. v2.2A1 added drag & drop for bins. Now you can
    drag an .ep102 or .ep103 patch onto an open image and it will apply the patch to
    that image. If you drage multiple patches onto an image at once, it will apply
    them in alphabetical order. ex. Drag p3.ep102, p1.ep102 and p2.ep102 onto an image
    in one drag and drop.. it will apply p1 first, then p2, then p3.
    * Fixed a problem with downloading new sponser ads.
    * Added a little error control in the D2C page..
    * Added "Check For Updates" to File Menu. If a new version is available,
    if will ask i you would like to download.

    Your FunFiles Team

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    Re: N2Edit v2.5

    Use update tab in version 2.5 and update to v2.55 :)

    Your FunFiles Team

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    Re: N2Edit v2.5

    N2Edit_v2.58 updated september 2006

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