Dailymotion launches new model for publishers

09.13 Europe/London, December 1, 2011 By Robert Briel

Video sharing website Dailymotion has launched a new commercial model for publishers who distribute its player on their websites.

Publishers who embed the Dailymotion player in their websites will now have access to the website’s archive of 21 million videos to enrich their own online offering and earn a share of the advertising revenue generated through the player.
Content owners uploading their videos onto Dailymotion will see their distribution grow while it will also enable advertisers to reach a wider global audience.
There are currently more than 190 million monthly unique visitors exposed to Dailymotion according to Omniture. The reach of the player will grow rapidly thanks to the new commercial model for publishers, developing a wider global network that adds to the 114 million unique users visiting dailymotion.com every month.
Luc Dumont, SVP of International Development at Dailymotion, said in a statement: “Dailymotion’s new commercial model creates a virtuous circle for the online video industry. Publishers are incentivised to widen the distribution of our player, which increases the revenue for them, us and content owners, whilst advertisers can confidently reach even greater global audiences.”
Wahoha, TVGuide.com, MSN Video, Veoh and TumTiki have already partnered with Dailymotion under the new commercial model.
The Dailymotion player is fully customisable and available for web, mobile, tablets, games consoles and web-connected TV platforms, allowing publishers to tailor how their audiences experience the content.