Al Jazeera launches Arabic mobile apps
16.00 Europe/London, December 1, 2011 By Robert Briel

Al Jazeera has launched Arabic applications to provide free access to live broadcasts and lets users submit content instantaneously. The full-featured news apps are now available on Android and Blackberry devices.

As well as receiving up-to-date news information, the apps also allow eyewitness reporting by making it easier for users to instantaneously submit video footage and images. Material sent by the public to Al Jazeera has been critical to its coverage of the Arab Awakening, especially from areas where journalists could not or cannot operate freely, such as Tunisia and now Syria.

“We are delighted that the Al Jazeera experience is now available in Arabic to Android and BlackBerry mobile users”, said Moeed Ahmad, head of new media at Al Jazeera, in a statement. “Adding to our suite of mobile services, the Arabic apps are both user friendly and visually attractive. We are committed to building on this achievement, and continuing to innovate and expand over time.”

Mohammed Al Mokhtar, head of Arabic, added: “There’s been significant demand from our audience to make mobile applications available in Arabic. These pioneering apps ensure Al Jazeera is widely available to our core audience, and continues to lead the way in providing high quality content across multiple platforms.”