MTV terminates Dutch TMF channels

10.51 Europe/London, December 2, 2011 By Robert Briel

MTV Networks will terminate the broadcasts of its last three remaining TMF channels in the Dutch market, TMF Pure, TMF NL and TMF Dance, on December 31.

Most major Dutch cable operators, including Ziggo and UPC, have already pulled the digital thematic TMF channels from their line-up, with a few small cablers such as CAIWay and CAI Harderwijk continuing to offer them.
MTV already pulled the plug out of the main TMF channel on August 31. The TMF brand, which stands for The Music Factory, was acquired by MTV Networks when it bought the channel and brand from Arcade-Wegener in 2002.
TMF was launched on May 1, 1995 as a local challenger to MTV.
It is our take that the end of the three thematic music channels is a sign of waning interest in music videos on linear channels. Competition from music videos on the internet, available on demand, serves viewers much better.