IP Vision extends Fetch TV to smart TVs

10.40 Europe/London, December 2, 2011 By Julian Clover

IP Vision has launched a new app for its Fetch TV service that appears on Panasonic Viera TVs. A second app for Samsung’s Smart TV platform will launch during Q1 2012.

The apps, which deliver film, TV and sports content from the Fetch TV portal, are part of a strategy that diversifies the Fetch TV brand from set-top boxes towards smart (or connected) TVs, Blu-ray players and PCs.

“In the last year we’ve looked hard at what’s happening in the wider marketplace and there are now so many ways of watching content on your TV,” said Eddie Abrams, CEO, IP Vision. “Linked to the substantial content aggregation work that we’ve done ourselves we’re now trying to get that on as many products as we can.”
Content can be viewed on a pay-as-you-go basis or through subscription options that start at £1.99 per month.