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Thread: Kabel Digtal

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    Kabel Digtal

    Hello Guys,

    does anyone of you know, how to receive with a Humax 5400 the German Kabel Digital?
    If its possible, please provide me with the frequencies and which Satellite is transponding the KD.

    Best regards

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    Re: Kabel Digtal

    Kable Deutschland encodes there stuff in the same manner as Premiere World. (i.e. Irdeto-Beta tunneled Naga2, e.g. Aladin Crypt),. IF you want to watch these Programs you'll need One of the many Hacker Cards. (i.e. Cerebro, Didem or Daytona),. At the moment Cerebro's last update is currently unable to decode KDH @23.5e. The othere Two however apperently work.

    As is the case with Premiere World, don't hold your breath for any Emu to come along. 'COUSE IT'S NOT!!

    If you want PW or KDH (Over Satellite or Cable), You'll need One of the above Cards and basta!!

    ** I may have forgotten to mention that the Diablo (Wi-Fi and Light), should also have updates to open KDH and PW too. But only for the Diablo CAM and for no other... **

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