Channel 4 documentary to investigate torture in Syria

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 04-12-2011

A no-holds barred documentary on the Syrian uprising is to be shown by the UK's Channel 4 on 19 December, including video footage of civilians allegedly being tortured by the country's military forces.

The film, called Syria's Torture Machine, will reportedly be broadcast at 11.10pm because of the brutality of some of the footage reportedly shot on mobile phones by civilians, activists and in some cases torturers.
Jonathan Miller, foreign affairs correspondent for Channel 4 News, who visited Syria and Lebanon to bear witness to victims, refugees and activists, presents the documentary.
"What I've heard is testimony from people who tell of systematic abuse and torture so appalling and prevalent it is no surprise that the revolt in Syria is growing day by day. The scale and barbarity of it is overwhelming," Miller told The Guardian.
The documentary includes witness accounts of torture techniques such as waterboarding, confinement in a tyre, and electrocution. The allegations are all put to the Syrian Government in the investigation, from ITN Productions.
The UN claims over 4,000 people have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the uprising in February 2010.
The footage obtained for the film has all been subjected to "journalistic verification processes", according to Channel 4.
"The mobile phone versus the gun may seem an unequal contest but in Libya, Egypt and now Syria people are fighting powerful regimes by documenting torture and detention for a global audience – and our film examines this phenomenon," said executive producer Chris Shaw.
Shaw was also executive producer of Channel 4's controversial investigation into 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields', which broadcast footage of alleged war crimes earlier this year.