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Thread: Enigma2 Plugin MegaVideoPlayer v.2.0

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    Enigma2 Plugin MegaVideoPlayer v.2.0

    Hi Friends,

    Greetings !

    As requested by some of you - I attach a updated version of the plugin MegaVideoPlayer.

    I have not tested any film to the end. But videos work ok.

    Important :- Megavideo videos (and films) cannot be streamed directly. Must be downloaded first.

    The method :-

    (1) Configure video type, movie type and cache folder path. The saved videos will be in folder /cache folder/megavideo.

    Also : configure "Stop download at Exit from plugin" - Yes/No

    (2) Select

    (3) Download

    (4) Play.

    Requires gst-plugin-flv in the image.

    Regards, pcd.

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