Yahoo! shoots for Bundesliga rights

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 05-12-2011

It giant Yahoo! wants to apply for the coverage rights of Germany's domestic football league Bundesliga from the 2013/14 season.

The company is said to be ready to enter a tender in the next few months that is very specific in the scope of activities. "We are only interested in the internet rights," Yahoo's German head Heiko Genzlinger told business magazine "Wirtschaftswoche".
Genzlinger added that Yahoo! would submit two bids, one of them for coverage ahead of the transmission on conventional free-to-air television. "The league would then be available as a highlights show on the web from 18.30 CET and on free-TV much later", he revealed. The second scenario would be to show the highlights on the internet with a delay of three to four hours after the end of each match.
"We will submit bids for both scenarios," said Genzlinger, adding that Yahoo's games coverage would be free-of-charge for consumers in both cases, financed through advertisements and sponsoring.
Yahoo is not interested in live games rights. "We don't think that a reach such as on pay-TV can be achieved on the internet," said Genzlinger. "With the highlights, however, we have plenty of experience, for example with the Premier League in the UK." The users would enjoy being able to watch the action of their favourite team whenever they want on a reception device of their choice, for example the iPad, laptop or mobile phone.