Venezuelan state company unveils pay-TV service

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 05-12-2011

Venezuelan State company CANTV has launched a new pay-TV service, with the help of the Simón Bolivar satellite.

The DTH-based service offers 42 channels for a monthly fee of US$19 and the package includes Latin American broadcast TV networks, radio stations and music channels.
The service currently includes a limited-edition package with several Latin American broadcast TV channels such as Televisora Venezolana Social (Tves), Televen, Vive Tv and Meridiano from Venezuela. This is in addition to other networks like Animal Planet, ESPN, Discovery Kids, UN, TNT, Cinecanal, The Film Zone, Nathional Geografic, Utilísima and Discovery Channel.
The service competes in a 2.5-million-user market with other subscription services such as DIRECTV, Movistar, Inter and NetUno.
CANTV adds that it will initially provide a pay-TV service to less-privileged people who are not able to afford now a full subscription and eventually will roll out across Venezuela.