Dance Trippin TV launches on Astra 23.5 East
10.23 Europe/London, December 5, 2011 By Robert Briel

Amsterdam-based Dance Trippin TV is now available on the Astra position of 23.5 degrees east as a free-to-air channel.

Dance Trippin started as a web TV channel only, but has recently launched its own TV channel, broadcast on the Eurobird 9A satellite for distribution across Europe. Now, the channel has signed a new distribution deal with Astra.

The channel features hundreds of hours of unique in-house produced content, mainly live recorded DJ sets from the world’s best club.

For a number of years, DanceTrippin has been running one of the most popular international sites for electronic music,, which attracted 5.8 Millions unique visits last year.

The website claims 100,000+ registered members and 2,000,000 page views a month. According to a press release “it took over a decade of building-up to launch the channel

In a statement, Will Johnston, founder of the channel, commented, “It’s been a very long road to get here, but we’ve always believed in the need for a dedicated dance music channel, both online and broadcast TV. All the factors have finally converged and the time is right. We strive to create a positive force in the dance industry, as a strong promotional vehicle for the artists, music releases, and events which we and our audience loves so much.”

So far, the channel has distribution deals in place with (Croatia), Volia (Ukraine), Nevo-TV (Bulgaria) and on T-2 (Slovenia).