Broadband drives Croatian TV market growth

09.18 Europe/London, December 5, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

Croatia’s electronic communications market grew by 11% in the third quarter, thanks in good part to increased demand for services delivered via broadband.
Data published by the regular HAKOM shows that there were 349,138 homes receiving IPTV services at the end of Q3, a 4.67% increase on three months earlier.
The number of DTH homes stood at 104,535 (+24.45%), while the cable TV subscriber total stood at 144,439 (-0.43%).
The number of homes receiving DTT services fell slightly in the quarter to 897,496 (-3.81%) and HAKOM points out that this number, equivalent to around 60% of total TV homes in Croatia, is potentially willing for pay extra for TV services.
Croatia completed the transition to digital broadcasting in a record 10 months last year.