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    As its name suggests, you can manage with this plugin Bluetooth devices in its Dreambox.
    The following functions are possible:
    * Send and receive files
    Are connected (the new network device bnep0) must be configured before using the menu-> Settings-> System-> Network - * network.
    * Connect to a keyboard or mouse (beware of the keyboard do not use MAC 0000).
    * Dial-up networking, serial connection, for example with a cell phone or computer
    When BT adapter, the following can be changed via the blue button.
    * Visibility (permanent, 1 or 2 minutes)
    * Name of adapter
    * All services showing our Dreambox provides.
    * A switch on / off
    * Settings (receiving files)
    Positions at BT devices detected (green button):
    * Disconnect / Connect. There are services to support the search.
    * Pairing (couples), it must first be assigned a PIN code
    * PIN code for the device can be changed.
    * Search for services. If the "Connect" no supported services have been found, the search can be repeated here. (Please note a new search only makes sense after about 8-10 seconds to as long as the data in the cache).
    * Will not display compatible services can be found here to display all services (like the OK button).
    * Delete from list. When a device wants to connect from outside with the Dreambox, the device appears only once. By this point you can delete it again from the list.
    Among the lichen color points:
    Green means "simple" connection
    Blue, secure connection
    Red, what a miracle, there is no connection 
    How do I connect my phone now with the Dream?
    2 ways
    First We turn the phone on visible and looking about the Dream (red button) to the phone.
    The device will now be given a PIN code, which must then be entered in "pairing" in the phone must.
    Second We turn our adapter to the Dreambox to visible (blue button) and search for new devices in the mobile phone. If the Dreambox has been found, we connect the devices. This opens a window where we enter the PIN code on the Dreambox.
    Attention pairing only works if the plugin window is open.
    The plugin requires the Gemini plugin v0.42.
    The most commonly used function is probably the sending and receiving files to be.
    So you can for example his pictures from your phone quickly once we send to the Dreambox or contacts, which are then displayed in the Gemini iCalendar.
    Most tests have been carried out with Android, Debian / KDE or Windows 7.
    by mechatron
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    Re: Gemini-Bluetooth

    Gemini-Bluetooth v0.13-r0

    * Display the plugin if the Bluetooth system daemon has crashed.
    * For the pair of exterior does not need to be in there in the plugin.
    * Ical files are moved to the iCalendar folder if desired.
    * Services of each device is read immediately after a restart the Dreambox.
    * Green indicator for connection even though there is no connection.
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    Re: Gemini-Bluetooth

    Update to 0.14-r0

    Conversion to D-Bus.
    There are now displayed with error messages.
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