Good morning

I bought from ebay a microbox I but i have lot of problems.

The box works ok ( i plugged it to my tv with satellite cable) but i want to install new firmware

I donwloaded several programs , several updaters and i have a null modem cable for the communication with my computer.

Every time i start the updater it seems that the box has a little communication with the computer but the progress bar didn't change

My steps are the following

Connect the microbox to the computer.
Start the MicroboxII uploader V.20003
Find the program rom that i want to upload.
Pressing the download button.
After i plugged off and plugged on again the microbox to the power and the message Sub progress changes to run bootload but it stays there
No progress.....

I don't know what is the problem. I use a null modem cable serial 9pin (female-female)

Thanks in advance...