FCC to trial white space database for TV's digital dividend spectrum

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 06-12-2011

As the FCC prepares to free up the "digital dividend" of unused spectrum resulting in the move from analogue to digital TV, the protection of adjacent licensed services has come under scrutiny.
Looking for ways to ensure the prevention of interference from the slough of consumer devices that are expected to be certified for those unlicensed airwaves, the US regulator will commence a 45-day public trial for the Telcordia White Space Database starting 7 December.
New markets in the US and worldwide are being created for white space devices to dynamically access the white space spectrum offering new services such as wireless broadband internet connectivity.
Devices in the US are required to query a TV bands database to obtain a list of channels that are available for their operation to ensure continued protection of licensed services--this is Telcordia's entry to be that database.
"Telcordia has served the telecom industry for more than 25 years, and possesses deep spectrum management, engineering and consulting expertise in addition to centralised database and hosting services," said John Malyar, chief architect for interconnection solutions at Telcordia. "White space device manufacturers will find Telcordia to be a valuable and reliable partner as they prepare to launch products in the US and around the world. We encourage the public, vendors, and interested parties to participate in the FCC's public trial of the Telcordia White Space Database."
In the US, the Telcordia White Space Database calculates protected contours in accordance with FCC-designated rules and provides a list of available channels that TV bands white space devices can use based on their location. The Telcordia White Space Database will also be able to register other FCC-protected sites, such as MVPD receive sites, broadcast auxiliary temporary receive sites or wireless microphones.