Original reality TV series headed to tablets, smartphones

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 06-12-2011

Thought reality TV couldn't become more pervasive? Think again. One company has formed a new division that will be initially devoted to bringing original reality series programming directly to mobile devices.
On the Move Systems (OMVS) has formed a new content division, On the Move Systems Media, to focus on direct-to-mobile video programming.
"We're working to chart a new course for mobile media," said OMVS CEO Patrick Brown, in a statement. "On the Move Systems Media's first order of business will be the development of new attention-grabbing reality series that will become essential viewing for smartphone and tablet users."
Details on the reality series plan are TBD, but the programming is likely to go beyond a simple TV format. The new division has been created to "capitalise on the convergence of media that is being speeded along by continuous advances in mobile technology," Brown said. In other words, OMVS is eyeing the rise of the second screen device and the thirst for mobile video as a golden opportunity to carve out a lucrative cotent niche for itself, making use of all of the ubiquitous access to cloud services that smart mobile devices offer.
"Thanks to new devices such as the iPad 2, users are now able to enjoy television, social media, music, literature and other content on a single device," he continued. "That revolutionary media convergence requires all-new forms of content to satisfy consumer demand. We envision On the Move Systems Media helping to lead the way toward a dramatic shift in viewing habits worldwide."