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Thread: TruSnitchServer v5.2148 (A Card-Sharing Server)

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    TruSnitchServer v5.2148 and v5.3151 (Card Sharing Servers)

    TruSnitch works great.

    1. You must have a valid N2 card with the pairing values known. I have a valid card.

    2. You must have a phoenix serial programmer. It must be able to read an N2 card. I'm using a modded programmer. I believe originally it was a MKIII or MKII. I'm not really sure it doesn't have a case on it. Google "ISO Gold Phoenix Programmer" for info.

    3. You edit the snitch-params.reg to reflect your serial card & RSA values. Double click to write the values to the registry.

    Example "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Snitch]


    "DT6-0D-N"=hex:97,e9,89,7e,ab,7d,f3,a4,07,6f,83,3d,c9,0 e,1 6,d0,0e,40,21,d7,a0,\
    73,9c,f5,4a,67,a2,68,aa,90,82,bb,25,1b,36,d2,59,12 ,e5,15,01,5e,5d,7b,f5,ac,\
    7c,56,00,98,fd,09,f8,9b,b3,ac,1a,e9,cb,ec,f5,af,b8 ,fd

    4. Start the server "SnitchServerCMD" this will read the card, pairing values, etc from the programmer and it will serve a single connection on port 14501.

    5. Make sure you have the card sharing client installed on any other pc with a DVB-S card.
    I use the MyTheatre Plug in. If you want to do multiple client sharing then google "IRC CardSharing ICS v0.5" there are multiple IRC client sharing programs or checkout cardsharing homelinux com

    6. If your broadcasting locally across your own network just use, if you want to share with someone across the internet its your ip address:14501.

    7. I broadcast to three connections. One local and two across the internet. Every great once in awhile I get some slow down or video lag. I think this is due to other processes running on this machine and not the cardsharing. The server has crashed twice in the week I have been testing it. The two internet connections are not dedicated and I do not always broadcast.

    8. I am in North America and no I can not share my bandwith with you, so don't ask. Test it for yourself. This is not a fix, you need someone with a valid N2 card. Happy testing.

    You can find the card-sharing client here:

    Your FunFiles Team

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    Re: TruSnitchServer v5.2148 (A Card-Sharing Server)

    Newer better version.....TruSnitchServer v5.3151

    Read the How-To

    Your FunFiles Team

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    Re: TruSnitchServer v5.2148 (A Card-Sharing Server)

    Here's the latest I've found
    I seems to support several client connections.

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    Re: TruSnitchServer v5.2148 (A Card-Sharing Server)

    New features: - Multiple customers
    - Tested (and sharpened) for new MECMs (when they arrive - she was tested with provider BEV 100%)
    - Negotiation of the optimizada SessionKey - More robust

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    Re: TruSnitchServer v5.2148 (A Card-Sharing Server)

    Great work!!

    I do have a question. Can another softcam connect to this TruSnithchServer? Other softcams such as radegast, etc.

    Thanks you replying


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