CSA calls for connected TV regulation

11.52 Europe/London, December 6, 2011 By Robert Briel

Michel Boyon, president of the French media authority CSA, has outlined the regulator’s view on the development of connected television services.
He said the new platforms need regulation in line with broadcasting.
Speaking at a symposium organised by the HD Forum and the HbbTV consortium, he said it is still too early to foresee all consequences of this phenomenon but also emphasised there are risks that could jeopardise the economics of the broadcasters and have its impact on the audio visual industry and French cinema production. The development could also have an influence on the freedom of choice of the TV viewer, he added.
Also, the internet is more complementary rather than a competitor to the audio visual industry, going by the success of catch-up TV.
Boyon said there are four aspects associated with connected TV, which the authority thinks are important.
First, the same regulation need to applied with regards to issues such as protection of minors, personal integrity, protection of the consumer, pluralism, etc.
Second, alignment of the same rules that apply to broadcasters such as a cap on ownership.
Third, the obligation for every company that derives and income from creative works to also invest in the creation of these works.
And fourth, there needs to be the development of a co-regulation with professional audiovisual content circulating on the internet.
In January 2012, the CSA will put together a commission to follow the developments on the market of connected TV.
The new body will include representatives from the various public organisations, the audio visual industries and consumers.