Super-Canal Buenos Aires launches HbbTV jointly with Axor Corporation

Buenos Aires cable operator Super-Canal has acquired the interactive TV platform provided by Axor Corporation, which includes an ecosystem made up by Astro headend, Antik STBs and BeeSmart middleware. “It is the first Argentina case of mixed Interactive TV Full Services based on HbbTV and IPTV, depending on the type of network each area relies on”, stated Miguel Martínez, President of Axor Corporation.

Super-Canal operates in the West area of Great Buenos Aires (Castelar, Morón, Ituzaingó). The operator acquired the platform “for lineal channels, VOD, games and other Web applications and social networks, for its FTTH and FTTLA network to share it with other cable TV companies of the area, since the platform bears multiple companies at the same time”.

“HbbTV technology takes better advantage of the fiber network, it leaves wider broadband available for IP; thus enabling us to work in a much better interactivity than that of traditional IPTV”, stated the executive, who also highlighted Axor’s novelties over the course of his presentation at NexTV Latin America Summit 2011.

At present, about 10 trails are testing Axor platform. Within its projects, the company is planning to offer content provided by the company SecurView and TelexTorage storage solutions.