SA to merge time-shift with live TV audience data

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 07-12-2011

Information from viewers watching time-shifted shows via their personal video recorders (PVR) is going to be incorporated into South Africa's live TV audience measurement system (TAMS) from 19 December.
"It's going to be a bit of a ride, but I think we'll enjoy it," Chris Eyre, managing director of Nielsen Media Research - which is contracted to provide TAMS for the South African Advertising Research Foundation - told shareholders recently.
In addition to real-time TV audiences, data from viewing on same day as live (VOSDAL) will highlight those who recorded or paused a show to watch it later the same day. Over half of all time-shifted viewing internationally takes place on the same day as broadcast, reports Media Update.
Then, from 27 December, a seven day consolidated viewing database will also be provided, showing audience trends over the seven days following a programme's transmission. Content broadcast the week before , but viewed at any point during the next seven days on a PVR, will be added to the original day-of-broadcast ratings – both live and VOSDAL.
PVRs are available in 13% of all households subcribing to MultiChoice's DStv pay-TV platform, and in 4% of the total TV homes in South Africa, according to Media Update. The latter number 11.046 million, and of these, 2.846 million subscribe to DStv.
Around 365,000 affluent homes were exlcluded from South Africa's TAMS data while PVR homes were excluded from its sample population. When included later this month, DStv's ratings are expected to rise by about 10%.