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Thread: Dragon without smart card

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    Dragon without smart card

    Being a newbie, I have read all I can on this and other fora, and I think I understand now how to load my dragon cam with predator and keys. However, I have not figured out if I can use the dragon cam just as it is for the channels loaded in it, or if I need a programmed smart card also for all/some of them.

    I understand for example that for Pre*i*re I need a Cerebro card, because it requires the crypto co-processor on the card. And for Viaaccess I need a funcard, right?

    But for other channels?

    Could someone please give a short explanation of the interworking between cam keys and card keys (or point to me such information)?

    "A viewer from Sweden"

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    Re: Dragon without smart card

    Thank you

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    Re: Dragon without smart card

    Actually most Providers are dark right now. D+, Tv Cabo, Tv Globo ~30w and or, 19.2e~ Canal+, CSat are in Conex which has not been hacked yet. TPS @13e are still rotating there AES Key on a 20~60 Minute interval. So about the only Chhannels open right now are those that are in the older Cryptoworks v3 (IIRC), MTV, JSTV, for ex.

    As for Premiere World it was Emulated before (back at the end of May), and well there's nothing to stop it from doing so again. Save that all the Teams (Cerebro, Dedim, Daytona and Diablo CAM), would rather you buy there Equipment. Allthough the Premiere Key is known. It would have to be?! That doesn't make it Public! That's the goood and bad side to Premiere. 'Couse should the Keys ever become Public, then it's a sure bet that in a short while no one will be watching Premiere then.

    But, sooner or latter (hopefully sooner now that the World Cup is over!), D+ will be hacked again and then hopefuly there will be updates for the T-Rex to open it again.

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