UK consumers dispelling connected TV myths

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 07-12-2011

The first phase of research from Rovi and Decipher regarding UK connected device usage is contradicting revived wisdom that people are not yet connecting or using connected functionality.

The first results from a two-phase study by the entertainment discovery solutions provider and media strategy and research firm about Samsung Smart TV usage and interactive advertising in the UK examined connected device familiarity and usage, creating a profile of the connected TV audience and comparing it to the average UK household.
Contrary to recent reports claiming that connected devices are not actually being connected, the survey found that as many as 84% of respondents are connecting their Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray players and are regularly using the Samsung Smart Hub content portal to access IP-delivered content via applications such as the BBC iPlayer and the LOVEFiLM online video service. Furthermore, around the same very high percentage (85%) of those planning to buy a HDTV or Blu-Ray player are more interested in the device because of the Smart Hub feature.
The report also found that usage of such portals as the Smart Hub was stimulating TV viewing, with nearly half (49%) claim it makes them "watch more TV." The primary reasons given for using the Smart Hub are the convenience of doing multiple tasks on a single screen and accessing on-demand content. A further 58% said that because they could access applications on their TV they now used fewer devices to access the Internet.
Commenting on the findings, Jeff Siegel, senior vice president of worldwide advertising at Rovi said, “We believe the initial data demonstrates the potential of this platform as a new media channel, which consumers are adopting more quickly than many had anticipated."