Grupo Prisa taps IBM to personalise projects

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 07-12-2011

Spain's leading media firm, Prisa TV's Grupo Prisa, has signed an agreement with IBM to use its technology to personalise its offering towards digital users.

For the next three years, Prisa will monitor and measure content flow, as well as consumer habits and preferences in the media, through analytical software.
Data integration will give the company a better idea of what's happening in the business and help develop their future product offer, including editorial and advertising content, to adapt it to each user's individual preferences.
The company will reach over 700 million people worldwide.
Even though the media industry continues to go through a deep transformation, breakthroughs in business analysis will allow companies to obtain key information about what type of content the users want.
The ability to understand consumer preferences in a shorter period of time, and even anticipate their future choices, will help Prisa adapt and personalise its product lines instantly, and improve its audience's experience.